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The Library-Laboratory of the SALUS PUBLICA Library


In the library laboratory we are preparing the opening of our sustainability library (first location Berlin, planned for the end of 2020).


The 'laboratory' of the SALUS PUBLICA Library currently consists of five laboratory teams and two associated projects.


The five laboratory teams deal with

1. Curation of knowledge (laboratory team 'book & film')
2. Inventing, building and 'hacking' everyday life and
    the future for sustainability
    ('Maker Team SALUS PUBLICA Library')
3. Creation of space for art and art for the space in the
    Sustainability Library (lab team 'art guerilla')
4. Digitalisation of knowledge and sustainable technology
    (lab team 'Digital Natives')
5. Organisation - steering group (lab team 'What is a library?')        


From summer 2019 onwards, all members of the laboratory teams who regularly work with the SALUS PUBLICA Library will be able to borrow the existing books and media of the library even before the opening in 2020 (if these are intended and prepared for lending).


 Anyone who would like to help is very welcome!

The two associated projects of the library laboratory are '4humans - eine Reise' (coaching series to develop organisational resources for small social, cultural and sustainability-oriented projects and initiatives) and 'ARCHER TYPES:** - Embrace' (crossover workshops in different social groups as part of a supra-regional civil society organised, free research project for the promotion of sustainability). The associated projects use the books and media already prepared for lending as a systematic test user group.



Status: 2019-01-28





 Participation wanted

The Library Lab and
its five lab teams