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Modell der SALUS PUBLICA LibraryModell der SALUS PUBLICA LibraryThe Project SALUS PUBLICA Library

The SALUS PUBLICA Library is to become a place where new ideas can be born, new paths of action invented and further developed experimentally with one another. Together with as many people as possible - including you - we want to create a space for sustainability in ideas and in action (vision of the project).

Shared, balanced knowledge forms the basis of the library. We collect it, make it available to others, but also create knowledge ourselves. We plan to preserve the library and its work for ourselves, our children, grandchildren and all future generations.

Throughout the process, the library will learn and share its knowledge. It shall inspire, enable and exemplify sustainable development.

The opening of the main location is planned for 2020 in Berlin (overview of the project). We want to integrate the library into a network of pioneers of sustainable development in a larger space (we will inform you about this on this website beginning in mid-2019).

Further locations in Germany and Europe (virtual & real, thematically focused & functional areas) are planned.

With our project - and later with the SALUS PUBLICA Library - we are fundamentally committed to the sustainable use of energy and resources. For example, we already use recycled materials in the library laboratory wherever possible or create our own items from secondary raw materials ("waste"), such as the model for our library, which we built and exhibited together with children at the Maker Faire 2018 (the pictures in this article show excerpts from it).

Of course, resource-conscious action also includes cooperation with others. Whenever possible, we substitute needed goods with a service instead of buying everything new.

When carrying out the work, we try to reduce our ecological footprint by holding telephone conferences in the working groups instead of traveling and using used, refurbished IT. In addition, we save books for our sustainability library under construction, wherever possible, from household clearances, from closures of libraries or antiquarian bookshops and sometimes even from the garbage (Don‘t throw books into the trash).

The SALUS PUBLICA Library is a project of hibisca e.V. in Berlin.



Status: 2019-06-03





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