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The Vision of the SALUS PUBLICA Library Project


The Fifth Dimension

A place where knowledge and society are shaped, open to ideas that create the future. Knowledge of all epochs and disciplines that educates, fascinates and inspires. Not just a third, but a fifth place - the Salus Publica Library in Berlin - something quite different from what one would expect, but exactly what is needed.

'Simulation from a Dream' (25), OddNova 2017. All rights reserved.'Simulation from a Dream' (25), OddNova 2017. All rights reserved.

SALUS PUBLICA Library - Entrance area with a view of the staircase [simulation based on an idea by OddNova]  


The claim to establish a sustainability library raises many questions. Who should be interested in the library? What will it look like? Are there still books or only display screens there? And in general, what does sustainability actually mean? …'



The Salus Publica Library itself will not only be a space, but will also open spaces. It will provide knowledge, atmosphere and opportunity. The people who will fill and use it are the actual library, because people (re-)organize and expand knowledge. It is they who create social spheres and figurations in which this knowledge leads to development. Only people decide on the basis of their perception which solutions are relevant and up-to-date.

What form will the library take ...? It will be structured like an organism, a living being with a soul, a brain and a body, in which it can receive knowledge and people hospitably. It will have different functional areas, like organs of a big entity. There will be quiet reading zones, multi-faceted idea kiosks as well as 'Agoras' full of movement and exchange. It will be open, but clear in its structure and creative in its essence. In everything, however, it should contribute to resource equitability, like a social creature that has to use its own and external energy to optimally master its everyday life and stay healthy. For as long a life as possible.



For the different media - books, films, articles or also illustrations and models - suitable presentation forms are selected and access portals are created corresponding to the structure of the knowledge contained. Digital and manual, plastic and virtual forms of knowledge organization will complement each other because they offer different perspectives on complex approaches to resolving challenges.

And what does all this have to do with sustainability? It's quite simple: this library will have a mission, a soul. The Salus Publica Library shall and must offer a germ cell and a home  to sustainable development. And with this it is intended for people who are curious, want to get involved and seek inspiration in the form of knowledge.



'Simulation from a Dream', OddNova 2017. All rights reserved.'Simulation from a Dream', OddNova 2017. All rights reserved.

SALUS PUBLICA Library - Roof with Energy and Ventilation System [Simulation according to an idea by OddNova]



The actual implementation of sustainable development depends to a large extent on finding the 'right' people, the 'right' knowledge as quickly and consistently as possible and developing sustainable solutions from this. For yourself and others. Together, fair and forward-looking. For the society that defines us and the environment in which we are integrated. For a nature that can still supply us in five hundred years.

A place where knowledge and society are shaped, open to ideas that create the future.

A fifth dimension.


Slideshow with more library visualizations by OddNova



Status: 2018-11-10





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